I ‘Morrocco (cold cuts, cheeses, grilled vegetables, bruschetta)

Sea platters (seafood salad, mussels, clams and carpaccio)

L’Oliaccio (fried mozzarella, mixed vegetables, etc.)

Farmer (mixed cheeses with grilled pears)

First Courses

Gnocchi with nettle in Gorgonzola cream

Fresh Tortelloni with Gorgonzola, pears and cream of walnuts

Fresh Pici with Saffron, Cheese and Pepper

Spaghetti with Anchovies and breadcrumbs

Vermicelli alla Carbonara

Pappardelle with Tuscan Ragout

Maccheroni al Torchio with Porcini mushrooms and Zucchini

Spaghettoni with clams in the pan

Tuscan Lasagne

Main Courses

Rabbit with Vernaccia

Chicken with Chianti

Beef fillet with green pepper or grilled

Sliced Beef with with Truffle

Sliced Beef with Rucola and Grana

Florentine steak

Grilled chicken breast

Grilled meat

Sliced ​​of Sirloin

Mixed Fried or Steamed Seafood

Side disshes

Mashed Potatoes

Roasted or fried potatoes

Potatoes and Baked Peppers

Mixed or Green salad

Grilled or fried vegetables

Beans in oil with onions

Sauteed spinach



Cooked ham and artichokes

Sausage and Onion

Vegetarian (peppers, courgettes, aubergines)

Morrocco (Gorgonzola, grilled pear and mint)

Capers and Anchovies

Marinara (garlic, oregano)

Cured Ham and Gorgonzola

Cured Ham

Wurstel and olives

Tuna and onion

 Porcini mushrooms

Truffle and Scamorza

White (with mozzarella)

White with addition


Dessert of the Day

Handmade Tiramisu

Mascarpone Cream

Gran Lemon

Truffle (White or Black)

Drowned Truffle (White or Black)

Fresh fruit